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Kevin Price is available to visit schools throughout the UK at competitive rates. ebook versions of our titles can be accessed online via whiteboards, so Kevin can read his stories to large groups of children. He is always pleased to answer any questions that the children may have about being an author, developing picture books and writing rhyming stories. As a rough guide our books are suitable for;


The Beauty Contest at the Zoo / Fun and Games at the Zoo / Feeding time at the Zoo. Reception to Years 1 and 2


Crazy Creepy Crawlies - Years 1 to 3

The Silly Solar System - Years 3 to 6

Curious Creatures –       Years 3 to 6


A good time for Kevin to visit Primary Schools would be when Key Stage 2 children are studying The Solar System as part of their curriculum work.

School testimonial...


"Kevin came to our school in the Summer term of 2012. He visited every class, and spoke with enthusiasm about his writing and his life as an author. He was extremely entertaining, reading extracts from several of his books. Kevin happily answered numerous questions about his work, and gave the children a sneak preview of a currently unpublished story. He stayed at the school long after he was due to leave, and the staff and children of the school thoroughly enjoyed his visit. Later in the term, Kevin came back to open the Summer fete as our special guest. He is a very friendly and engaging author, and inspired a lot of interest in reading at West Earlham Junior School. We are looking forward to his next visit."


Jon Biddle, Year Six teacher, West Earlham Junior School

"Our school visits inspire the children

in an entertaining way."


"Kevin had the children transfixed as he

read his books, they loved it!"

Parrot from The Beauty Contest in the Zoo

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