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Feeding time at the Zoo

Children's book Feeding time at the Zoo by Kevin Price and Vicky Fieldhouse






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Kevin Price

Vicky Fieldhouse

290 x 240, Paperback



2-6 years



February 2015


Key factors

  • Engaging and educational rhyming text
  • Ties in with KS1 ‘animal’ topics
  • Colourful and amusing illustrations by artist Vicky Fieldhouse
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Part of the proceeds donated to World Land Trust (patrons Sir David Attenborough, David Gower OBE and Chris Packham)
  • Printed in the EU on carbon-balanced paper

“A fun, rhyming and educational story set in a fictional zoo””.

It’s animal feeding time at the zoo and Maisie is having a special treat – she’s taking the food cart around the zoo by herself to find out what the animals like to eat. Do lions like cabbages? Do monkeys eat meat? And what will keep a panda happy? Find out with Maisie in this fun and rhyming story.


This is the third book in the ‘At the Zoo’ series, featuring Bertie the Zookeeper and his daughter Maisie. The other books in the series are ‘The Beauty Contest at the Zoo’ (ISBN 9780956719607) and ‘Fun and Games at the Zoo’ (ISBN 9780956719645).


Sales of this book will help to raise funds for the conservation charity, World Land Trust.

Children's book Feeding time at the Zoo Maisie in a tree with monkey's
Children's book Feeding time at the Zoo Bertie the zoo keeper
Children's book Feeding time at the Zoo Maisie feeding the camel

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