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KAMA Publishing was established in 2010 as a vehicle to publish The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, a commemoration for Maisie Maria Price, who passed away following a sudden illness in October 2009 aged 8 years.


Following the success of The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, it was decided that more titles should be published under the KAMA banner and the company is now a thriving business, with four more titles in print and many more planned for the future.


KAMA Publishing aims to provide books which help to make education fun, provide a colourful visual experience using UK based artists and support charities that are appropriate to each title.


All KAMA Publishing books are conceived, produced and printed in the United Kingdom.

Kevin Price hasn’t always been a children’s author. In fact, until very recently he was the Managing Director of a company that supplies construction materials, having spent his working life in the construction industry. However, after the loss of his much-loved daughter Maisie, he found that writing poetry helped him to express his grief. One day it was suggested that he should have a go at writing a children’s story. Having spent a week or two thinking about this, Kevin sat down and wrote his first rhyming story, The Beauty Contest at the Zoo. This would become a book which features Maisie as one of the central characters and provides a lasting celebration of her short life.


Having written the draft for The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, Kevin spent the next few weeks writing solidly and many more stories and rhymes appeared, including The Silly Solar System and Crazy Creepy Crawlies, both of which have become books in their own right.


Kevin has now left the construction industry and is a full time children’s author and the proprietor of KAMA Publishing. He plans to publish many more books in the near future, including more zoo stories which feature Maisie and her father Bertie and sequels to The Silly Solar System and Crazy Creepy Crawlies.

Charities our books support:



A share of the proceeds from sales of The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, Fun and Games at the Zoo, Feeding Time at the Zoo and Crazy Creepy Crawlies is donated to World Land Trust (WLT), a fabulous conservation charity based at Halesworth in Suffolk. The patron of WLT is Sir David Attenborough.


For more information on the great work that WLT does, please visit www.worldlandtrust.org


World Land Trust website link

A share of the proceeds from sales of The Silly Solar System is donated to the wonderful Sick Children’s Trust (SCT), a charity that assists families to support and stay with their poorly children if they have to stay in hospital.  The patron of SCT is Michael Crawford OBE.


For more information on the great work that SCT does, please visit www.sickchildrenstrust.org



A share of the proceeds from Curious Creatures is donated to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), a brilliant children’s charity based in Norfolk. The patron of EACH is Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

For more information on the great work that EACH does, please visit www.each.org.uk


sick childrens trust website

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